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Group of people living together having more or less common interests and a distinctive cultural and economic organization is globally accepted definition of society. Taking into a broader perspective it can even be taken as a group of people of any region or sometimes even of a country or religious group. Human race is divided into different higher and lower classes. One can easily witness the distinction between the lower and upper strata’s in the present society. That’s how the modern society of today’s world is setup and that’s how it is advancing.


If we have to observe the social order of any race, we can have a clear overview by having a glance at its social order. Norms, morals, values, religion, and crime rate are a few indicators of any society’s progress or decline. Strong bond with the society helps us to develop into a strong and stable individual. We can lead a better life if we are living in a community. Every society is consciously or unconsciously following some culture. It is that culture that provides us guidelines for proper lifestyle, and makes us prepared to face the challenges of the outer world.


The way of behaving and living in the society is our culture. Who we are?, what we think?, everything we do, how we eat, how we interact, how we dress up, technology we use hence every activity comes under the domain of culture.


At Dirbull, we present you different aspects and areas of that are related to our society and culture. Put forward your site into well managed categories, if it is linked to any aspect of society.  

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The word culture has been derived from the Latin word “cultura” which means to cultivate.