Why people commit murders?
Date Added: May 19, 2010 06:41:06 PM
Category: Society & Culture: Crime

Life is a gift by God. How much it is precious? It is only known to one’s own self. No one cares about the worth of others’ lives. Often we listen to the news of sudden killing and get shocked that why is this happened. Sometimes we try to investigate the matter by our own presumptions. Although, people are least concerned with others’ activities and it is a true fact, yet people wonder on the sudden death of any innocence person, no matters he is a strangers. It creates a factor of fear. In other words murdering or killing of unknown people does affect our lives even indirectly. You must be thinking that why people murder other people? It excludes the killing of people during war. There may be many factors of murdering others like, enviousness, hatred, vice, greed and many more. Let’s discuss the major ones.


Addiction: Usually it does not encompass a huge number of killings. But it is the reason. The addiction of drug and alcohol usage and the most astonishing is to be loved by your flirty loved one. When the addicted person does not find the dose of drug, he may try to get it at any cost. And one stage comes when he kills his wife, shopkeeper, or even his friends. Similarly when a person gets informed that his beloved is a flirt and he deadly wants his love but due to frustration he murders his beloved.

Murders in revenge are commonly found everywhere. This cause shows the failure of legal system and trust deficit between plaintiff and regulatory authorities.  Family matters, business enviousness, deceiving, property matters and many more comes under this reason of killing. When people feel that legal system could not help in resolving the matter they take this bold step to let them satisfied by retribution and kill their enemy.


Money:  In these days people are getting frustrated due to economic recession. But the killing on the basis of money is not a new reason. It has been noticed since the inception of civilization. People become jealous of their rich relatives, friends, or neighbours. Inherited property is also one of the reason when heir distribute the money or property. The greed to avail more than any other push the person to kill his confront ally. Economic frustration also compels people to rob the bank or financial institutions. Theft, kidnapping and ransom have the same foundation for murdering people. There is another perspective of killing for money is by assigning a task to a paid killer to murder your desired person.  

Sometimes people find no reason to kill but they kill. While playing games in sports complex, in pub, in bars, in casinos or even on roads, when a little friction causes a big fight people may kill each other without any solid reason and un-intentionally.

People involved in criminal activities kill their own partners just because of loosing information to an outsider.  In short, greed, hatred, jealousy and money create many reasons to kill others.