Why do teenagers smoke?
Date Added: April 17, 2010 10:10:58 AM
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Every year large sums of money are being consumed on smoking. It is well accepted fact that smoking is injurious for heath but still people are getting attract towards smoking. According to recent facts more and more teenagers are getting involved in smoking. And there may be several reasons of this addiction, after all why do teenagers smoke?

It is true that friends’ community does affect the habits of all friends. Teenage being the more enjoyable time period of life offers all delights, it can be positive and negative as well. Teens do smoke first to experience its taste on occasions or in friends get together. All teens appreciate each other in a way that they feel comfortable and think as what they are doing is not a wrong thing.


This experimental smoking enters in their life as a regular experiment. The habit takes the shape of daily smoking from weekends and occasional habit. Although they know it is dangerous for them yet they do it as a challenge for their youth. This habit makes them addictive of smoke.

Another reason could be the tensions and nervousness. When teens lose temper they start smoking to keep involve themselves in free-mind activities. Usually teens lose control, when their wishes are not to be fulfilled by their parents, when things go wrong and against their planning. They want flee from this anxiety to make them happy and to reduce their temporary tensions.


Let assume that a guy is very patient and tolerant, but among his friends one or two are smokers. Those smokers push others to start smoking. This kind of pressure also plays a noteworthy role in smoking.

Another reason may be belongs to the parents. Many of ours’ parents do smoke. No Dad or Mon wants his/her child to start smoke and even they do not give lessons to adopt this habit, but still it transmits to children automatically. Parents remain unaware about their child of being addicted to this habit.


Advertisements play significant role in it. Industries spend a lot of money on advertisement. Daily new cigarette brands are being introduced by every company. This is the business of many people and it provides income to many corner shops and stores.  Everybody is doing its job with sincerity but they are forgetting that their upcoming generation is getting ruined from this business’s revenues.  

A scientific reason is also involved in making this experimental wish into regular habit. Tobacco contains nicotine which arouses the delight emotion part of the brain. Nicotine on the other hand also acts as hunger suppressant hence smoking has become popular among those who are dieting. Consequently it motivates the addicted to go for its attached drugs like opium heroin and cocaine. As a result it would be hardened for addicted to quit smoking or other drugs addiction.


To sum up all, at young age teens are attracted towards and all pleasures about their negative affects they are unaware. As time passes their addiction gets strong and in the same way their lives are getting shortened.


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