Why do people cheat?
Date Added: April 16, 2010 06:59:02 PM
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Deceiving people is not a phenomenon attached to only males. It is found in females to some extent. When people do not understand the purity of relationships they do not bother if anybody is getting hurt from their behavior. You can find one cheater in every 10 person. The cheater can be a friend, a colleague, a blood-relationship, or even your life partner. There can be many reasons to cheat others which depend upon the nature of relationship.


First reason can be the Selfishness; if a person extends relations rapidly he would have superficiality in his thoughts and intentions. Anything risen up quickly will also fall down with the same speed. That person tries to achieve his motive. He would have no sincere thoughts for others because his objective is negative for which he hurts other people.


Revenge can also motivate people to cheat others. If somebody has been used and deceived, he would also create inconvenience for others. A cheated person take revenge of his betrays from others and in this game he forgets the sincerity of relationships.


By luck, one can be trapped in this burrow. Your own carelessness and negligence for your friends can make you a deceived person in the eyes of your friend. Although your intentions were not like that yet everything has been done mistakenly. On which you will repent forever.


Clash on minor issues can widen the gulf between the two. When nobody tries to reduce the differences and it lasts for a long time, even you do not see each other in that time period. One day will come when you start thinking that he was not a good friend of mine and so he has cheated me. Therefore such types of feelings make you cheaters to each other.

Sometimes people get bored with stereo type relationships like girl friend and boy friend. They want change in their lives. When their attention towards a particular person reduces, they may get separated and at the end one notion would be attached to both of them that, he/she was a cheat.


Money matters can also be the cause of cheating. When someone become a financial burden on one’s life and he or she is not an obligation for him/her. Attempts will be done to get rid of that burden. Financial matters weaken the potency of relationship. No charm, no attraction would be felt by each other and so they may leave apart and it would be considered as a cheat relationship.

Bounding of true relationship does not demand money. They respect each other and they love each other. Their relationship has not any hidden motives; understanding between the two does not let them fight on any minor issue, because they share a true relationship. If they are sincere to each other, they would not blame if anyone of them is cheat, even after they get separated. Cheating and deceiving associated to the man’s nature and his circumstances not with the relationship.


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