What to do if you are unemployed?
Date Added: April 26, 2010 08:34:39 PM
Category: Business: Employment

Many universities have been established, people are getting professional degrees, technical education is also on rise, but still many people are unemployed.  The universities are producing qualified professionals but the gap is vivid on the part of job providers. All the qualified students could not be accommodated at once. Everybody has to wait for his turn and also to try his luck. It is obvious many people get frustrated if they do not get job according to their qualifications and some people even could able to get a ostensible job. Unemployment has been a major problem of any society either it is developed or not. Do not lose heart; there are many ways through which one can easily earn his life.  


With the emerging competition in studies and in getting jobs people are recognizing their abilities. In search of any job when you are ambitious to make your career, first of all you should not to be hopeless and wait for your turn patiently when you are standing in a long queue. You have some other options if you could not find job as per your qualifications.


Coaching Centre: you can start a coaching centre where you would offer students for tuitions on nominal fee. In start low charges are appreciated but gradually you can raise them up and make your own standards. In this way, on one hand you can polish your own learning skills by teaching others and on the other hand you can earn to meet your expenses.  


Daily wages jobs: Jobs on the basis of daily wages are also easily found out, like typist, photocopier, shopkeepers, dispatch rider etc. you can see and feel the miseries of lower middle class whose entire families are depending upon such type of jobs. So you should not to be shy and embarrassed of being less paid.


Small Investments: You should ask your Mother or father for loan. Nowadays banks are offering small loans for students. By getting loan from any close relative, you can start a small business. Do not hesitate to open up a small corner shop, where you can sell cigarettes, coffee, burgers, lime water etc. and these items except cigarettes are easily be prepared at your home. Such type of businesses can give a handsome earning and experience as well.


Stock Investments: If you are status conscious and do not let you push in small career opportunities then you should have to try another option. Although it is a risky business yet you should try your luck. Get some loan and purchase some shares. You can play in short market. Consult the services of an experienced stock broker and do invest your money in stock market. This business offers a golden chance to make money. Once you be able to earn profit, return the loan money in tranches.


Other Options: There are many other options available besides you. If you have interest in literature then you can start literary activities. Approach your university professor to get help in creative writing and try to publish it in magazines.  

Many options are available, you just need to be confident and buoy up.