The Power of Creative writing !
Date Added: April 18, 2010 06:30:20 PM
Category: Arts: Literature

Art is a process of composing imaginative elements of one’s feelings in order to influence the senses of readers. Art influences the social behavior by using its tools such as literature, music, dance, paintings, sculpture etc. The feelings of one’s mind are to be reformed in the shape of art. Literature has been developed through creative writing. Creative writing is a kind of artistic work, in which writer aims to convey his imaginative thoughts through poetic verses and prose. Creative writing expresses the unique ideas of writer in an impressive way which attracts the reader’s attention. One of the most striking qualities of creative writing is that it infuses in the reader’s blood and thoughts. Reader could not divert his attention from that unique product of writer and this is the zenithal point of one’s creation. Creative writing is an art which God has given to some special people who have the ability to feel the sensitivity of social relationships.


In other types of writing one can easily reproduce his thoughts, like scientific and technical writing. Even the journalistic style only portrays and narrates the situation. Creative writing may comprise of poetry, autobiography, diary writing, drama and novels writing, and certain other products under the umbrella of literature.


It is not easy to create a poetic verse with exceptionality. Whatever poetry depicts is the pure and real incident of poet’s life or it may be the observation and experience of poet, which the poet has noticed deeply.  A lay man cannot reproduce his feelings in words if he tries to do so, he will be failed to convey his feelings because of abysmal and baseless. Literature requires realities, feelings, and understanding to social behavior. It conveys truth to the reader and creeps in the nerves and senses leaving deep impact on their behaviours and thoughts.


One cannot influence the society, unless he completely grabs the sorrows and happiness in to his heart. Literature has the power to mould the society’s attitude. Literature offers the reader to recognize himself by evaluating his actions with realities. Any writing material like books, articles, poetry, drama, novels etc. appeals the emotions of reader silently. And reader remains unaware that when it has been absorbed by him. In this way literature becomes visible in his routine activities and he gets a chance to rectify his ill-will actions.


When you start read literature you will feel the difference. The creative work enriched with mature and developed thoughts of litterateur affects our mind, even unconsciously. No matter, as an illustration poetry is not of our choice or taste, but the emotions poured by poet appeals our anxiety. This affect is deep in young age than in maturity. Gradually the reading canvas broadens and made us learn through comparing and contrasting the different views of different writers and also let us realize not to rely on others criticism but only on your own understanding and censure. So no one dominates our minds but we become able to create our own perception about life and society.