Sadness - A dominating feeling !
Date Added: April 20, 2010 06:57:02 PM
Category: Health: Mental Health

It is quite natural that humans can never be persistent to one mood. Happiness, grief, love, hate, annoyance, unruffled and relaxed are all the shades of one’s life’s tree. It is the beauty of this tree that all the shades of life’s tree are not visible at one time. Happiness sometimes takes grieves under its cover and offer the people to live happily. Consequently, a time comes when sorrows  dominates and makes the entire ambience very sad and gloomy.


We need to give some attention to ourselves during trouble time.  Problem is not with sorrows, instead problems are associated with us. Troubles emerge when we lose temper and our sorrows take control over actions. One of the greatest troubles is to become sad when you are in trouble. It means you lost your senses that how to overcome the situation. So be careful and not to lose confidence and underestimate yourself, because it is only you, who will face the situation and who will give the right solution.


Sometimes we become sorrowful without any reason. This is the most difficult kind of sadness because in this situation you do not know the core issue. It is not a psychological problem despite that your heart and mind are not accommodating to each other. Each of them tries to subdue over other. You are faced by unknown confusion. In such type of situation, mostly heart wins. Therefore do not take stress and do what your heart says to you.


Often you face a situation in which you cannot share your grieves with anyone but still you want to share them. In these circumstances you should start writing yours sorrows on your diary or even on any plain paper, it will reduce the burden of sorrows of your heart. If you want to weep do not force yourself, go ahead and weep as you can. Although people listen to your sorrows yet they cannot feel the pain of your heart. It is better to weep or share it with your diary.


The world is so callous and selfish. It is our own feelings when we are sad. The reason is only that people do not see our problems with our eyes and on the other hand, we expect them to suffer with us as we are suffering. We call those people as our superficial well-wishers. In fact this is not the reality and this is not the right approach to measure the sincerity of our well wishers.

Actually we are sad, we are suffering, we are afflicted, we are weeping, and we feel the pain…. It does not mean all people start weeping with us. Do not blame your loved ones and try to cope with the situation patiently.


Difficulties come suddenly but go slowly. You need to craft yourself with tolerance and patience. Be brave to face all types of sorrows because it testifies one’s endurance and stamina. Do not rely on others because you would be alone in bearing all pains and nobody will come to listen to the voice of your grieved heart.