Pleasures of Hostel Life
Date Added: April 15, 2010 06:52:59 PM
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Due to rapid globalization, concept of long distant studies is found everywhere around the world. Developed means of communication, easy access to world’s institution, and highly sophisticated advertisements have increased the trend of studying in far-away places from home towns. Mostly institutions are situated in urban areas. When no colleges or schools are available in villages, the students try to approach those institutions and choose to live in hostels. There is another trend prevails in cities, where students prefer to go to abroad for higher institutions and thus the case is same for both of them. Their purpose is to acquire education from best institutions as per their financial support.


Hostel life offer many amusements which are not experienced in home life. First is the full independence from parents’ questioning like; where are you going? When will you come? Don’t go anywhere without permission? We don’t have money for your wandering habits, etc.

It offers a special company, through which students are attached with each other as they are family members. Almost all hostels provide accommodation to two or three students in a room. Those roommates live, eat, study, and spend free time altogether. They share everything to each other because it is inevitable while living in a same room.

In hostels students being out of sight from their parents, spend money lavishly. There is no check on their expenditures. They go out for lunch or dinners as per their mood, they visit cinemas, restaurants, sports club frequently.


This is not the end of hostel life. It provides a good and studious environment for those, who want to study with full determination. A complete silent room motivates the student to study with full concentration. They have much time to explore the boundaries of education and to enjoy hostel life as well. It all depends upon the time management, planning and determination.


Often, students get indulge in bad activities which are socially and morally unaccepted.  For the time being they enjoy the pleasure of youth and freedom from restrictions. But they never know the harshness of realities of life. Apparently all vices seem attractive, like boys develop the habit of smoking in this free environment, drinking is also attached with it, and even they entrap in opposite sex for fun.  All these unproductive activities are considered as the pleasure of hostel life; however these are the evils in young generation.


Students at hostel learn to live independent, may become responsible, may learn to develop the art of public relations, may the patience and tolerance be the part of their personalities etc. these are the positivities of hostel life. But people are ignoring it and are caught in cosmetic charms of free life. Students get a chance of personality development. Their abilities may be shine more; management and presentation skills are also developed.  The hostel life demands commitment and determination towards goal-achievement and offers its pleasures to them as well, but in true sense.