Music - The art of Relaxing !
Date Added: April 24, 2010 11:27:22 AM
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Music is an art, a perfect art which conveys its message through sounds. It complementary elements like, melody, tune, texture, rhythm, and pitch etc garnishes the attractiveness of music. It becomes more effective when it is associated with lyrics. Music would have double impact and more power to convey its feelings as and when it is coupled with beautiful expressing words. Music, at a time acts as a two way actor, on one hand its own message is passing on to the listener and on the other hand listener himself is conveying his own feelings to others by listening to the music of his own choice.


Everybody knows that we listen to music to relax ourselves. It is understood there is some hidden power in this kind of art. Have you ever noticed that, why there is no other relaxing exercise which could give us soothing impact to our body and brain? Let’s compare it with book or magazine reading. You come from office and you feel tired. Would you like to read a book to calm yourself? Of course, NO! Book reading itself is a work which would obviously be done by us. So MUSIC is a good option. You would have to do nothing. Just play your favourite music and take a short sleep.


Music does have an impact on your brain and body. There is a grey matter present in the human brain where a relatively high proportion of neural activity occurs and many nerve cell nuclei can be found in this region. Musicians have extra and increased amount of this grey matter which raises the intellectual ability for those who listen to music. In addition to this, the people who listen to classical music have increased thinking ability and recalling proficiency. When you are sleeping and music is also playing in background it still has an impact on your brain and thinking.


Nowadays music therapy is also on rise. Many of us know that how music is impacting profoundly on human’s lives. It heals the sick and paralyzed people. Very simple, when we feel depress we listen to that type music through which we may reduce our depression. Un-intentionally, we too know that, music heals our problems silently. It acts on our mind, it has the power to slow down the heart beat, it can calm your muscle tension, it can regulates our behavior, to keep blood pressure normal and it is many more relaxing benefits which are still unknown to us. Music also keeps you healthy physically along with mental health.


Music acts on the listener’s emotions. It enhances the inner wishes of listener’s to be fulfilled and it may insist the listener to accomplish them. Music has the power to keep the people happy. The type of music you listen portrays your personality, and your actions, thinking, attitude and intention towards life. Music carries hidden powers which can discover the mystery of one’s life.