Implications of using Internet
Date Added: May 02, 2010 06:48:07 PM
Category: Computers: Internet

Internet has transformed the world in to a global village within years. It has been proved as the fast growing mean of communications. Chatting, calling, meeting, business deals, development of relationships, even each and every thing is carried out by internet. Nothing is out of your access. Similarly the rapid expansion of programmes and softwares has further made easy our jobs. It is an only source which provides us information on any topic within seconds. Search for job or university for your matching standards are no more difficult with the blessing of internet. It has many benefits which varies from user to user.


But there is a darker side as well which the most of people ignore. The computer’s monitor emits electromagnetic radiation which may harm due to irrelevant positioning of monitor. Its effect is noticeable when you are sitting in a computer lab around a number of computers. It has a so-called role in reducing the reasoning power of children. Secondly, the most effective is the eye strain and headaches. The flash lights used in video games also may damage the eye sight, especially of children.


The database like face book etc. where people share their routine life’s events and upload the maximum of their personal information sometimes proved to be dangerous for themselves. Nowadays terrorists are also acquainting with new techniques. It is a fact that negative tricks are rapid than that of positive. Internet is getting stuffed with online crime and fraud. Therefore, terrorists can get the information of their desired target to rob, to thief, and to attack easily. Along with this, online robbery is getting fashion for young looters. Online transferring of money from any account is no more difficult. The fraud in advertisements is also annoying people; like advertisements of fake job offers and prize schemes are also growing nowadays.


Online charity and donations are introduced by internet. They may be fake. People use the name of any renowned personality and make it a way of their earnings. The kind hearted people donate their without any verification. Those charitable organizations know that nobody will come to investigate their authenticity. On the other hand, there are a few companies which have been offering online businesses. These businesses are of social networking. A company offers to purchase equipment and further compels the buyer to let it advertise and recommend more than two persons for the same product. In this way company earns customer and customer get commissions. The survival of such type of businesses is also at risk.


An increasing exposure to obscenity in children is also noticed. Internet offers information but with freedom. When a child is surfing internet, there are minimal chances that parent may keep an eye on their activities. It is difficult to control their freedom on internet. Sometimes internet gives one-sided information on any particular topic. It creates hatred under the cover of free speech for that issue.

You should aware of all this stuff to be on safe side.