How to take care in summers?
Date Added: April 19, 2010 03:56:46 PM
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Summer comes up with all of its joys and beauties every year in a new mood. However all seasons have their own specialties which affect our lives. Summer season possesses long sunny days, warm weather and quick exhaustion of work due to extensive heat outside the premises of offices. In this condition our skin, hair, and looks need extra care. Exposure to sharp sunlight may damage our skin especially, and sometimes we feel our complexion darker than before.

Not to worry, we can still maintain the same tone of our skin and can prevent our body from routine tiredness by following some tips during callous summer season. These tips include:


Hair care:During summer season, always try to use lukewarm water for your hair wash. While brushing, apply a little quantity of lemon juice to your hair. It will protect the hair colour from excessive sunlight and always give shiny and natural look. Direct application of Aloe Vero on hair works as a conditioner, which could easily be available in your lawn. Natural care usually has no harmful effects. Before taking bath, apply a little quantity of aloe Vera for five to ten minutes only twice a week. The use of aloe vera keeps the hair healthy and shiny. Don’t use it excessively; it may damage your hair.


Active body:It involves the process of vasodilation in which the blood vessels widen due to excessive heat producing by the liver usually in summer. This heat needs to be radiated from body and so it takes place through skin by sweating. Sweat is the most effective way to keeps the body cools when you are active. It takes away the heat from your body and keeps you cool. Along with this, if you take at least ten to twelve glass of water daily, the more you sweat and more you remain active and fresh. If you do not release this heat from your body, your blood pressure could be high and you will not feel normal.


Skin Care:Keep a bottle of water with you all the time when you are outside. Avoid eating mutton, eggs, and chocolates to avoid pimples and try to replace them with fruit salads, and iced green tea. The use of lemon juice with honey on your face will help to glow your skin on emergency basis.  Do not forget to apply cream and lotions which should have high sun protection factor and those should also suit your skin. Aloe Vera is good for skin and for hair as well. Directly apply the aloe Vera on to your face and legs & arms, rinse it gently for three to four minutes and then wash it with cold water. Your skin will glow and remain fresh the whole day and even you would not need to apply any lotion on to your arms and legs. Regular cleansing gives protection against dust.

Try to eat maximum fruits and take fresh juices, they will keep you fresh and active.