How to select a perfect gift?
Date Added: April 25, 2010 07:58:34 PM
Category: Shopping: Gifts & Occasions

Shopping is an art. This art sometimes tease you when no creative ideas are coming into your mind, specifically the ideas about gifts selection. Buying a gift is one of the most time consuming activity and complex as well. A party is approaching and still you have not purchased any gift for that particular function. People usually face common problems while shopping for a gift like, they are short of time and quick shopping is required, from which market they can get best gift, which item should be purchased as a gift and so on.


Shopping a gift depends upon three things that are; Relationship, Occasion, and Purchasing power (Money).  First categorize the relationships – close relationships like blood relations and fast friends and the second category ay include the colleagues, relatives, and neighbours etc. Similarly you must categorize the occasions like, Christmas day, Eid days, Birthdays, ad marriage ceremony etc. and some routine events like, farewell, congratulating on passing exams, and other get together occasions. Third but the most important thing is the MONEY. The preciousness of gift depends upon event and relationship. Sometimes the time of event does matters like at the end of month you may not buy a good gift for your close friends.


You must memorize all the special days so that you can overcome the money problem and you could easily plan out for a best gift. Relationships like best friend and other close relatives need due credence. On their special days they deserve a special gift. You must know their choice to please them on with a gift of their own choice. Items like, perfumes and deodorants, stuffed toys, wrist watches, jewelry, tie, sceneries, paintings, and decoration pieces are given as gift. But remember, gift must be given according to relationship closeness otherwise your feelings may be interpreted erroneously.


On birthdays a bouquet carrying flowers of two colours along with a little gift is appreciated. The little gift may be an item of jewelry like, anklet, bracelet, and pendant etc. If the event is associated with boy then a bouquet with a simple tie, tie pin or bow tie brooch is more than enough. Stuffed toys usually teddy bears in white colour are liked the most. Similarly for a marriage ceremony of your friend you may want to give him/her a gift which could hold and keep your memories with him/her for a long time. For that purpose a painting conveying your feelings and care for your friend should be given as a gift. Despite that crystal decoration piece, a dress, wrist watch, are used as a present.


Today in this modernized world a plenty of magazines are available for your matching choice of gifts. Gift shops are also available at your arms length and you just need to think and spare some time to buy the item. Close relationships are pure and adorable. They must be given a gift which reflects your love and care for them. If they are given a thing of their own choice they would be happier and the main objective of gift may be fulfilled, that you made them happy with your gift.