How to select a perfect dress for party?
Date Added: April 12, 2010 07:00:01 PM
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You are to go to attend a party shortly. You are informed on a short notice and now you are worried about selection of your party wear. It is not a big problem just be relax and think over some options.

First of all think over the nature of the party. Whether it is friend’s birthday, an office’s dinner, an engagement or any other occasion? By knowing the nature of party, selection process would be trouble-free. You should take a quick look on latest trends of party wearing that should be relevant to your function, where you are planning to go. In this modernized world, information on each and every item of vogue is given on internet and in magazines. Fashion magazines are updated as per the change in style. So be sure that you are following a reliable source.


Some of you personal skills are also required. You have to observe that what people are wearing for the particular occasion. It is desire of everybody that he/she may look smart and unique. But concurrence is also essential. You should not look like an odd man out.

Friends are excellent in giving suggestions. Consulting a friend is a good idea. Now you should phone your friend and ask that what colour suits you in night functions and what in days’ events. Friends are also the good critic and they suggest you sincerely. Because, usually  they observe you intentionally and sometimes un-intentionally.


You must select at least three dresses from your wardrobe. The selection must be worked out by keeping weather, type, and time of event in mind. You must choose the dresses in which you look smart. Don’t forget to see if all matching accessories are available or not. The matching tie or jewelery, such type of accessories shines the personality more than ever.

Most of the time we come across with a situation where, our heart say something to us and we follow it. This situation can come anytime and anywhere as in the selection of clothes. Its not the time to toss you choice. Its time to listen to your heart and you should consider what it says to you.


At times our mind is stuck at that dress which looks nice and our heart insists to wear that dress in which you looks nice. Therefore don’t be deceived and choose that party wear which make you party man. Do not choose the dress whose cosmetic and decorative value is high. Only go for the dress which raise yours personality value.

While going to the party you should be satisfied about you looks and dress. Complex of looking less presentable can diminish the fun of the party. You may not enjoy the occasion as it desires.