How to deal with new people at new college?
Date Added: April 15, 2010 06:44:46 PM
Category: Kids and Teens: School Time

School time has been a very fascinating time. Friends’ wickedness, rugged teachers, sweet playgrounds, and candies & chocolate times are over now. It is the start of college time. A beginning of new world, a new charm and a new ambience of freedom but, it is a pressurized freedom under the control of tough studies. First day have never been a predicted day. Some guts and tactics are required to cope with the new people and new place’s environment. People either convert their own selves according to the demands of new premises or transform others as they are, if they have a dominant personality.


One must enter the college premises enthusiastically and welcome the day as it will never come again. So there is a need of bug smile on face. One should not be unwilling or rush into college as a burden. Its all the matter of your feelings and thinking. See the flowers, you will feel that flowers are smiling and enjoying the charm of new day as you are enjoying.

Happiness is the first requirement. It will keep up your morale. You will feel yourself confident.  Now it is not the time, when your parents accompanied you as back-support at every stage. Leave all shyness behind the backyard of school and go into the college with spark.

You must remember that you should not look like a stranger. You must walk there freely pretends that you are already familiar with this place. In this way, seniors will not notice you and will not try to make you a fool.


A new student must explore all places of college, especially visit the cafeteria. A cafeteria of any institution presents a snapshot, because all kind of students go there for food, for fun, and for relaxing themselves. You must develop face reading art and try to judge the intentions of old and senior students. Face reading formula really works in new places when you do not know, to whom you should talk.


If you are successful in face reading, then try to talk those people who give a look of decency and soberness. Keep in mind that you are new to this place, so you need not to be hasty in making friends. And you should not give a look of over cleverness. Shrewdness and ingenuity hide the genuineness of a person. You should not offer friendship to anyone rather you should give time to be friends with anyone. It is not necessary that studious people are good friends, so you should pass time with the one who you feel matches with your personality.


You are not familiar with the environment and people of that place so be careful in understanding people’s attitude. Hurriedness in let knowing others about you would not be a good sign of intelligence; you should give chance others to speak and try to adapt the environment of your new living place, where you are supposed to spend a golden time of your life.