How to convey your feelings to your loved ones?
Date Added: April 12, 2010 07:22:03 PM
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It’s a fact that man cannot live in isolation. The beauty of relationships decorates one’s life. Every relationship like; Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, friends, and cousins possesses its own charms. While living in a same sphere, love becomes an inevitable thing. We like the one, who brings ease in our life.  In classroom, in office, or in your home, we need to express our feelings that how much we do care of each other.If you give me chance, I will tell you an easy way that how to become expressive for this purpose.


Do care for your loved one and show your care through gestures. You should show your care in a way that you know everything about his/her. By taking care of the dressing, requirements, give him/her every ease at the time when both of you are together.

Then offer your services to help him/her in his work. But remember, don’t be come under his/her pressure and don’t be subdued by him/her. Keep yourself at a standard level and facilitate him/her in assignments, office work or in house job.


Now you would feel that you have got a specific place in one’s life. Now it is time to share your routine work with him/her. But be careful in sharing; only the relevant sharing will be appreciated. Sharing brings closeness between the two. Ask his/her problems and tensions and show your concern that you understand his/her worries.


Do remember his/her special days, like birthday. Or if you don’t have much information about him/her then try to guess and give gifts to him/her. Most of the time there is no need to wait for any occasion, and people go ahead with their gifts to convey their thoughts.

In doing all this, be careful that you are not becoming a burden for him/her. Extra care can be irritation. You must not be the cause in raising his/her expenses. Because when money matters come in, relations can be avoided or may be selective.


Sometimes you may not like some of his/her habits. Now, its time to inspect your own self. To build up good relations with your loved one, you need to tolerate his/her those habits which you do not like. It is also probable that he/she does not like your habits as well and he/she may behave harshly. So you should not be dishearten, and be persistent with your objective with the same pace and enthusiasm.

When you feel that you have made him dependent of your company, then try to test his/her feelings. But how? Of course by ignorance. Yes, ignore her/him to show your importance in his/her life. But this negligence should not be stretched. It can be dangerous for you.

If he/she really cares about you he/she will get back to you earlier. You should give a quick response to him/her and should not make him awaited. A prompt answer is very much necessary.