How to clean your bedroom?
Date Added: April 25, 2010 07:45:23 PM
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Many of us would share common feeling about their preferred place to live in comfortably and that is the “BEDROOM”. Of course personal bedroom gives a special type of comfort which you never gain even from a five star or seven star hotels. A special attachment with your belongings calls you silently and it also acts like a magnet every day.  You must have noticed that daily after doing a routine job when you be tired, you want to reach home and then to your bedroom to take rest. We know that the familiarity with our bedroom provide us with special security, shelter, tranquil, and comfort. Think for a while, a place which gives you many benefits; it should be clean, shouldn’t it?


Yes! But how? When we can give time to our bedroom for its cleanliness in this busy routine – this is so tough to get it spick and span every day. You should not to worry, Just keep in mind only two measures;

Weekend and Quick Action


The best time to make your bedroom tidy and ideal to live in is the weekend. Employees are busy in their offices daily; students are engage in their university assignments. Maids are hesitating to clean your room,  Mom also could not give time to get your bedroom clean because your things get disturbed if anyone else try to organize them in his/her own style. Then now it has become your own responsibility to sweep all garbage at once with quick action. And it is possible on weekend, so please spare some time from your recreational activities and give to your bedroom.


Start your movement from wardrobe/cupboard. First collect the unclean dresses that you have used the previous week and send them over to laundry. Arrange all shelves of cupboard which you are untidy due to your hasty services while going to office. Now select another lot of dresses that you are planning to wear in next week and also hand them over for ironing. Do not forget your accessories like hosiery and ties to get them ready for next week.


Now visit your book rack which is waiting for your attention since a week. Get them arrange as per their previous order so you can easily search your desired book in time when you need it. Shoe rack is also very filthy. You should polish your shoes and make them dirt free and then also set them in rack as well.


Daily newspapers and magazines are spread on side table and on your bed. Pick them up to pack them in a large bag and change the bed cover as well. Now you are thinking that where to put this bag. Keep this bag underneath your bed or smoothly you can hide it under the bed. All wastage things which may not be used in near future can be kept under the bed. This place can be served as a store place of your bedroom. Now be happy that you have set your bedroom in only 30 minutes.