Home Sickness at Hostels !
Date Added: April 15, 2010 06:50:49 PM
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O God, my home is long distant from my hostel. I don’t like the food of hostel’s mess. I do not enjoy the company of my friends. I have a small room as compared to my home’s room. Nobody cares about me here, my Mom take care of everything related to me at home. I do not want to live here. I want to go back to my home. YES! You are absolutely right. These are the feelings and thoughts of a hostelized guy, who is depressed due to home sickness.


All students must remember one thing; if you do not take interest in your duties and responsibilities, you will take them as a burden in your life. Hence, interest must be developed in your life and activities you do regularly. If interest is lost you would have not enjoy the charm of life. Hostel life is not a yoke rather you should enjoy the amusements of hostel life. Hostel let learn many things about which people at home are unaware.

If you are bored and homesick then not to worry, there are many ways through which you will feel you hostel room as your home.


Friends are the blessing of God. Whenever you feel weary and depressed just make a phone call to your buddies. Your best friend will help you in lightening your boredom. He will listen to all your stupid talk and comment lovingly in a way that he understands all circumstances of hostel which you are facing. Consequently he will talk ruthlessly just let you realize that you are not a child. It is very good formula.

When you wish to go home and you also know that, it is not easy to go because of long distant. Then you should get involved in recreational activities which make you busy. You can keep involve yourself in watching your favourite TV shows, or by watching movies, or a sports channel. To a certain extent, playing games on computer or in play ground can also reduce the burden of your heart and mind.


While lying on the bed, you should remind the bright memories. By jogging your memory, you will enjoy the good times that you have spent with your family and it will give bring a smile on your face; you should share it with your roommate or with a good college-mate.


Don’t take hostel as an inn, feel it as your home. You should arrange your cupboard yourself perfectly, in this way your time will be passed and it will convey a feeling of closeness with your living place. If you have extra money, then spend a few of pennies in decorating your room. You must invite a friend to your place and go for shopping, have fun, taste food of new restaurants of which you have not visited yet.

By following these tips your homesickness will surely be evaded.