Essentials of job search
Date Added: May 01, 2010 06:54:21 PM
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Emerging competition in getting a good job makes people frustrated. Young qualified people get annoyed on their luck and system. They never think that there might be a defeating point in them, despite they carry on blaming the system. Discrepancies in presentation, curriculum vitae and resume, and in overall personality can let you down and so that you could not compete others. You must keep some tips in mind while participating in a job hunt.


The first thing is to develop good curriculum vitae and resume which exactly reflects your personality, qualifications and skills. Try to make one-pager resume because nobody bothers to see a long detailed resume. If you feel you are not good at English then ask any of your friends or any professional to help you in writing an ideal curriculum vitae.  While applying for an advertised position, a covering letter must be attached with the curriculum. In covering letter the reference of advertisement and your interest for that particular nature of must be highlighted. If an application form is required to be filled out for job then fill it accurately, not in hasty manner. It gives a bad impression. Your curriculum vitae and covering letter are up to the standard of position of job that compels the employer to add you in shortlisted candidates. And the employers say, yes! This is the person whom we are looking for.


You should make some standards for job search. Location, salary package, timings are essentials in this case. Do not waste time in applying long distant, less paid, or odd-timings jobs. And also do not search for jobs which do not match your criteria. Keep all realities of current economic situations that, what salary package is offered for the post in other organization and what is your demand. Do not discuss excessively on salary package and incentives besides interview panel.  Take a quick look on part time jobs and be motivated to do it as well unless you get a full time job.


Look at magazines’ and newspaper’s career page for recent opportunities. Usually newspapers advertise all fresh vacant posts of organizations. These are the good sources but currently internet is more rapid than any other source. It includes ads irrespective of location, time, and nature job. A one key word opens up a large selection of jobs accordingly.


But, do not rely on published newspaper’s or internet’s advertisements only. You have to broaden your spectrum for this purpose and try to build good relations with your friends who are already doing jobs. Always ask them for a job meeting your qualifications and make it a part of your routine conversation with your friends. Networking with professionals also helps you in search for a job.

These are the basic tips which can add you in the shortlisted candidates’ list and then it is up to your performance which you will show in interview or test and made you able to be selected.