Continuing Education - Specialization
Date Added: April 11, 2010 07:32:00 PM
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Suppose you are traveling and suddenly your car gets inoperative. You feel bad. Similarly, thoughts may be broken when these are interrupted suddenly. Learning and education is process that starts from mother’s lap but ends never. Specialization is the continuation of education. The purpose of specialization is to have grip on a particular field. During specialization, depth of the particular subject is achieved. You speak, what you listen to, you write, what you learn, you practice, what you study or read. These are all phases of learning. If these phases are polished well, they shine more than ever. As this process is broken up the purpose of education can never be served. The purpose of the education is to serve. If you are not acquainted properly how would you serve? Yes, do not be absconder in the mid of the education. Be specialized and be specific


Institution must be selected as per the requirement of specialized field. Sometimes universities offer additive discipline’s degrees along with their specialized fields’ degrees. Institution must be chosen carefully, whether it is far from your hometown.


Accomplishment of studies requires rigorous exercise and efforts. The impact of education is very deep. While entering into youth from childhood, time made you realize the importance of education, whether it is deliberate or not, but it has been effecting your actions, your dealings, and your behavior. Although specialization is not the end of education, yet it helps in accomplishing the purpose of education.


Recognition is attained when mastery over one subject is achieved. Education needs our attention as much as a plant needs to grow. It is knowledge which makes the man prominent. People give you importance. You will like to be appreciated.  When you share unique ideas related to a specialized field you will be recognized as an outstanding member.  A young plant passes through many stages. Similarly, education life passes through primary, secondary, higher and then specialized level. Actual recognition of a student lies in specialization. MBA is done with many specialized fields, like; Marketing, IT, Executive etc. This is done so to show your worth in a particular field.


Economic Benefits are the additive incentives of specialized education. People’s welfare and prosperity depend upon their way of earning. A person who has done specialization in any field will be better off than a person who has a Bachelor degree. A specialist serve better in his field and thus able to achieve all luxurious amenities of life. Consequently it benefits the whole nation. But it requires our motivation, efforts, interests, and struggle to compete all our obstructions.  


When everyone serves individually in his specific field, he tries to enjoy remarkable social status, but collectively it raises the living standard of whole nation.  All specialists as a doctor, scientist, engineer, and as a professor jointly represents an ideal society. All are super-man in their fields like; in dentistry, Mercantile Law, Marketing Manager, Mechanical Engineer etc. and sometimes people become jack of all even having a specialized degree in one discipline. Self motivation and work hard insist the student to get a specialized degree.