Colonization- North America
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North America

North America comparatively small in area after Asia and Africa but extensive in powers, appeared on the map in 14th century as a new continent comprising today’s Canada Mexico and united states of America. Columbus has discovered America while leading a sea venture in October 1492. He reached the continent accidently and became its explorer. In fact it had been discovered previously in 10th century by a Scandinavian but he could not make its map and had lost his identity. In 1507, a German professor had given its name as America.


Columbus was an Italian by nationality and his sea-voyage was sponsored by Portagese government. Therefore the period of colonization was started now. France, Britain, Portugal, Spain were chiefly involved in making colonies on American soil. The purpose to make colonies included to locate new sea routes for trade, the search of natural resources like gold, religious independence, flee from Catholic churches etc. There were two nationals; Red Indians and Arawokes, residing already in American continent. Millions of innocent natives had been killed ruthlessly by Columbus because these natives were ordered to bring gold at any cost but there was no gold at pacific coast of America. Several colonies were established including James Town, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Carolina, Georgia and many more from 1506 to 1731.


Colonists did not belong to a single country people came over there from several countries; that is why America is called as a melting pot, because it is a multicultural continent. Tobacco, being a cash crop was discovered in 1619. Similarly, rice’s cultivation was started in 1739 and became the important crop of south of North America. America faced many a major problem of SLAVERY, that a no any other nation have been faced ever. This slavery issue caused a civil war among /Americans. Canada was formed as a separate country in 1867. Several countries of American continent had have remained under imperialist rule.


American territory is composed of distinctive physical features for example; the Appalachian Mountainous series, Mississippi Valley, Great Plains, and plateau are more prominent. American soil is rich in coal, limestone and sandstone deposits. Fertility of land is the proof of numerous crops’ cultivation.


American continent enjoys rainfall, hot-summers and severe-cold as versatile climate in different regions. Some of its regions are arid like, California and it experiences high temperatures. Colonists got independence from their parent countries and rulers in 1776, because of subjugation and cruelties of Britain.  Later on, the marvelous leadership of its presidents had made America as a renowned country of the world.


Canada, Mexico, Greenland and United States of America have been enjoying maximum benefits of world. Power, development, educated people and technological advancement have made them prominent and incomparable in all over the world. America, being industrialized, urbanized and the most developed continent of the Planet Earth, is also responsible for the high emission of carbon.