Cell phones- Necessity and Fashion
Date Added: April 18, 2010 06:46:30 PM
Category: Shopping: Telecommunications: Wireless: Cellular Phones

The use of mobile phones is only limited to receive and to make calls. Mobile phones are now being designed by focusing the demand of various customers. This demand includes the need and fashion as well. Currently, mobile phone has become a necessity for everyone. Not resembling to some years ago selection of mobile phones when they were considered only as phone. Previously, they were expensive asset and were only seen among business communities. More interestingly, on that time most of the phones were heavy in weight and sub-standard than that of todays.  Over and over again, they were not concealed to everyone and remained hidden inside a bag or pocket. Gradually, their use has been increased up to maximum extent and therefore it has been felt to increase to bring an increase in their style and beauty. And that is the reason of increase in their sales up to one billion in last three to four years.


There are numerous mobiles that are selected according to the need and style. Colours like, red, pink, blue, green, and basic black is just a few of the available colours. This is not the end of fashion. Different casing and decorative covers are to be bought to give a new look to your cell phone. Mobile phone has become an important item that lives with us; and goes with us wherever we want, and then it does not to have a good look. It must have to be protected from scratches. It must have to preserve its beauty and it should lasts for a long time.


A lot of mobile phones are available in market; like, flip, slide, and flat. Flip mobiles are specialy meant to cover the LCD or screen of mobile because of its pivotal cover which attaches from centre. Mobile companies by keeping their customers choice in mind produce a lot of flip mobiles. Mostly these are liked by ladies.

Similarly slider mobiles have their special attracting features. In slider mobile keypad is covered and screen is exposed. These are also delicate in use. Ladies having long and sharp nails should avoid using such type of mobiles. They demand an extra care for its screen and delicacy for its sliding flap. At present, almost all manufacturers are producing these cell phones.

Next is the kind of touch screen cell phones. These are designed by keeping in view its delicacy of screen. Its screen is different than that of others cell phones. No fear of scratches is attached with this phone. Its specialty is that the touch screen phone has only a large screen, no concept of keypad is found in it. It serves all functions, like camera, mms, and internet browsing etc. phone with large screen mostly has a camera of five megapixels. That’s why it reduces the need of digital camera. Functions have become the interesting trait for price competition along with the beauty and style of phone. Go to market and buy a new cell phone of your choice.