Boys curiosity about what girls are gossipping !
Date Added: April 26, 2010 08:27:52 PM
Category: Kids and Teens: Teen Life

Teenage being the most pleasurable age of life carries many amusements to be experienced. Although it is the right time to get your life on track and to become ambitious by setting goals yet people get indulge in other activities as well along with their studies. Girls enjoy shopping, hang-out, gossips, watching movies, kitty parties etc. and boys like adventurous life. The fun they get from bike and car racing is incomparable to any other activity. In this connection most of the boys become curious that what girls discuss when they meet. This curiosity is quite natural because everybody in this world is curious about the thing in which he is interested. Similarly, boys are usually interested in girls so they want to know about their activities.


Let me tell you, what girls discuss when they meet after a long time. In fact in this busy world everyone is short of time so it is very difficult to meet your fast friends daily or to discuss your sorrows and happiness with them every day. That is why when girls meet they discuss each and every thing irrespective of this whether it is related to their lives or not.


Usually weekend is considered as the best time to call on. They start their gossips with very light chit chat about their assignments, office work, or about households. They normally mention that my boss s not good, he does not allow me to phone or to go out for lunch and in case of university girls, they say professor has given us a huge assignment so how could we spare time to  make a call and like this. Gradually, after sharing routine jobs they move to other topics like your dress is looking so nice. From where you have bought this and then they praise each other. Now latest trends in fashion would be discussed. Which types of clothes are in and out? What kind of shoes should they buy for this and coming season? This is not the start rather these topics are helping in gearing up their gossips.


Slightly they turn to latest music and movies. Likings and disliking s would be discussed. A very heavy criticism on movies would come up on the scene. Especially the focus of criticism would be set on females acting and performance. It is very rare that they praise a girl’s performances that really deserve it. The focal point of criticism usually is the dresses and make up. Even though female actresses are heavily criticized but still girls also follow those actresses’ styles.


Girls like to discuss sports, recent issues, governmental issues etc. Sometimes the concern on social evils looks very real that they really want to do for this society but on the other and they seem miserable due to social barriers. After taking a cup of tea they change their mood and discuss their love affairs. Some of them mention the routine attitude of their colleagues and university mates. Topic like sexual frustration and sexual harassment are also conversed. Finally, Their meeting comes to an end with the hope for best.