Benefit of different languages
Date Added: April 27, 2010 07:17:48 PM
Category: Education: Languages

Language is the blessing which lets us allow communicating with others. To make communication effective, an easily understandable language must be used which convey our message exactly. A variety of languages are being spoken in world even within a country people use to talk in different languages. Most of the people know to speak only their local or native language. But it would be a great knowledge and fun if you know to talk in different languages. You would enjoy several benefits by acquiring knowledge of more than one language.


Language being the essential component of culture gives the person a unique identity. The understanding with other language furnishes the person with an exceptional ability to explore and to acquaint with other cultures. Language is the door where one can enter the society of other nation. Currently people are getting closer due to globalization and they need to know one another irrespective of their countries’ boundaries. The purpose to communicate may be at the business level or at education level. When people start building up new relations they must know the language of each other. A direct communiqué without bringing an interpreter inside dealings, to ensure each other, to make commitments, to convey your point of view accurately, discussing security issues, to know the perception of consumers’ choice for making business profitable and many more like this are the first hand benefits of knowing language of other cultures.


Learning of many languages increase the prospective to compete in other cultures where inappropriate language can be a plus point. The chances of getting a job would be increased. As nowadays English is a globalized language but it can be an impediment in getting a job if you do not have a plenty of grip on it. Like Chinese prefer to learn only Chinese language therefore they face hurdles in getting jobs worldwide. Developed countries offer an abundance of job opportunities to potential professionals. It would be beneficial to learn languages of developed countries like French and English etc.


Professionals have maximum chance to excel in their specialized field in foreign countries due to familiarity with foreign languages. It raises the reasoning ability and develops understanding to encounter conceptual problems. In this way they can transmit their cultures into foreign countries. This familiarity brings people closer and they can talk on all aspects of life.


During travelling to another country where people do not understand your native language, you may get frustrated. Then you will know the importance of other languages. You would have a score over others when you apply in foreign university where knowledge of that particular language is mandatory.


In addition to above, a lot of job opportunities are available for interpreter at ambassador level. While learning another language you will get a chance to know the literature of that language, therefore you can improve your own creative skills with the help of that literature’s specifications. You can participate in international arts’ development.