Advent of Slavery in Unites States
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Today’s modern and developed country, United States of America had also experienced the most crucial racism in its history. That racism was about Slaves and Slavery, connected to the violation of human rights. It is a worldly accepted fact that slavery/racism has never been a more significant issue in USA than any other country. It was considered more important than the existence of USA. Slavery is an unpaid type of labour without any rights. Many people do not know the grounds that how slavery emerged so powerfully on the soil of America.


American continent had a vast land to cultivate which the agriculturists could not manage alone, they needed help of labour. Initially white indentured labourers were employed by those agriculturists who wanted to come to American continent during colonization but they did not have money. The discovery of tobacco as a cash crop increased the value and need of labour. Southern states were agriculturists and they used to cultivate crops like tobacco, rice, indigo, sugarcane, and cotton. These were all labour-intensive crops. Gradually, slavery became indispensible for southern colonies.


Slaves came entered the American continent in 1526 for the first time when first effort to establish a colony was carried out. However the colony was disappeared soon but slaves remained there and had taken roots in American soil. Then in 1619, a formal process for the trade of slavery was initiated when a Dutch Vessel sold twenty one Negro slaves to the colony of James Town, Virginia. In 1649 there were 200 slaves and later their number was increased up to 2000 only in Virginia.


Since 1774 a slight decline in slavery was observed when Rhode Island banned importation of slaves. But internal slave trade was not stopped. Consequently, a minor awareness was developed and different slaves started effort to abolish slavery, Pennsylvania, Quackers, and New York were mainly participating for its abolishment. This effort had not been proved so powerful that could stop slavery in American continent. As the Cotton Gin was invented in 1793 a rapid increase in slavery was noticed again. Southern sates tried their efforts all out to get slaves from any source and at any cost. Slave population increased from 800,000 in 1790 to 4000000 in 1860. This caused a rift between Northern and Southern States and this issue became a political issue.


Southern were supporters of slavery and so defended it, because they were heavily dependent upon slaves services for the crop cultivation. On the other hand Northern States talked about human rights as being industrialists, slavery was never developed there. Hence, slavery had drawn a line of distinction between industrialized free north and agriculturists slave south. Slavery was the main reason for the civil war which was proved to be very cruel in world history.