Advantages of Internship
Date Added: April 10, 2010 03:48:53 PM
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No learning can be gained unless theory is practiced. Theory cannot be practiced unless opportunity is availed. Internship is not a job rather it is an opportunity to see the job’s qualities whether good or bad, deeply. Internship is a kind of work experience where basic objective is learning, not money making. Internship encourages an educated student to test his education in the vicinity of official environment. Incase of internship, there is equilibrium of demand and supply. Companies need employees at low cost and students need experience at preliminary stage.


Internship is also a talent hunt for initial learner. Well established organizations often pay their interns. But all the time money does not matters. So go ahead and avail the chance to try your skills. The keenness, devotion, enthusiasm and attitude towards work show one’s thirst and seriousness for gearing up the career. And all these are very necessary at primary level.

Internship offers several rewards, of which some are given below:


Experience lies at arm’s length. You need to put yourself sincerely and all gains would be yours. It is a chance of experiencing theory in its actual shape. Intern has to pass through a variety of works. He would not be specialized in single field. Employer drills the intern through rigorous exercises in various departments or sections. In this way intern’s capacity to work is determined. This learning phase sometimes rewards him with a permanent job.

Environment of classroom changes into a professional ambience. This sudden change helps in personality development. Student attains professional maturity and comes out from an unserious and less responsible life. It also helps in communication skills. Exposure to practical life puts the realities of real world which are hidden in student life. Your vision would be enhanced.


Acquaintance and conformity with the office decorum bring flexibility in dealings. Internship gives a chance to test your skills and it provides a chance of self analysis. You would know your strengths and weaknesses. It is a practical form of SWOT analysis of your own self. You would be able to know where you can put yourself better and thus it would help in choosing your future field to work. Because now you can well understand your inner abilities that, in which particular field you can excel.


The most striking but hidden advantage of internship is building up good relations with your bosses, which means you need to work on public relations. It would really help you in pushing your career quickly. Discipline, deliverance of work in time, and respect to your higher officials make you a favourite and devoted intern/trainer in the eyes of employer. You would get uncountable reward from your organization, as much you become sincere to your work and duties. And this reward may be given by offering a permanent job. So do not underestimate an internship, it can serve you with un-imagined benefits which you should not neglect at earlier stages.