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The world has been shrinking into a globalized village. Distances are abridging, virtual nearness among nations has been observed. And so the countries are converting into regions. There are many aspects of relations emerging on the horizon of interconnectivity. Mutual cooperation, trust and sincerity provide the grounds for a region to develop.


Consequently, businesses, investments, trade are offering their services to grab the whole world under the single cover; that is globalized world. This has been done so by signing different pacts, accords and agreements in these fields. It is only the economic aspect of regional world and that is not the end. The social and cultural aspects are more effective. The growing impact of globalization has benefitted the developing countries by reducing poverty and creating awareness about education, child labor and human rights etc.


The information flow, expansion of businesses, intermingling of different societies and cultures are fall under the umbrella of globalization. Cooperation and coordination are strengthening the true essence of globalization.

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