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We are living in a continuously changing world. We need to be updated at every span of time. Agents collect and expose news items. They try to depict the facts with originality. People want fresh and unswerving news of their choice. That’s why reliable news sources are chosen. Unbiased picturisation does carry true facts. The news without prejudice is appreciated everywhere. To serve the society with updated news of their locale is the objective of media. Depiction of event and constantly renewing the event is also the responsibility of news teller.


People like balanced and impartial news items. Similarly those news reporters are appreciated who describe the happenings without pouring their own emotions in news. Presentation of story according to people’s interest attracts attention. Along with it the vicinity of event must keep in mind while narrating the occurrence of an event besides a particular lot. News about personalities, institutions, processions, strikes, political happenings and many more have their particular audience. All audience must be facilitated equally. As DIR BULL is serving for the purpose.

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